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About Us

How JEO Functions

The Japan Environment Organization (JEO) seeks to realize a sustainable society for little children and new life to be born. Our vision is to create and support a social structure in which each person or company can participate as a leading player in activities that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In pursuing our vision, we address the following important tasks.

  • 1.Environmental Education/Enlightenment Activities
  • 2.Support for Environmental Initiatives
  • 3.Social Contribution Activities

We are dedicated to cultivating green consumers through our educational activities for environmental protection. Our activities include support for environmental education programs and seminars by experts in various fields.

We support our member companies in their environmental initiatives with our consultation desk, network of specialists, and through our service of introducing environmentally-responsible products and business matching.

We are committed to supporting and conducting social contribution activities in order to realize a sustainable society.

JEO’s Role/How JEO Functions

JEO serves as the catalyst to turn JEO members, and companies or general consumers affiliated with JEO members into green companies or green consumers, and provides continuous support to them. One example is that JEO helps its member companies with environment-oriented management and environmental measures so that they meet the needs of their environment-conscious clients/customers.

JEO’s Role/How JEO Functions